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What We Do

Our Tech Startup Accelerator is devoted to the legal and corporate governance needs of early stage technology startups. We look to help turn startups into “fundable” companies that will be able to successfully get through investor due diligence with a clean capitalization table, solid organizational foundation, scalable business model and strong legal contracts. In helping to achieve this goal, we aim to provide startups with cost-effective legal advice, strategic, financial and business guidance as well as access to the right professionals, advisors and partners all necessary to help get them off the ground.

Why Catalyst

We do not require equity ownership in any startup

We limit out-of-pocket legal costs thus providing startups with cost certainty

We strive to be a long-standing legal partner throughout all growth stages of the business

Our Tech Startup Accelerator provides startups with, among other things, a combination of the following legal and business services:


  • Business formation, organization and methods of structuring
  • Drafting of core legal documents including, but not limited to, employment agreements, contractor agreements, shareholders agreements and term sheets/letters of intent
  • Assistance with the formation of stock option plans, executive compensation plans, corporate governance policies and other forms of employee, officer, and director retention tools
  • Assistance with the review and drafting business documents
  • Trademark, copyright and patent filings
  • Drafting of website legal content such as privacy policies and terms of use
  • Bank account set-up and HST and payroll registration with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Business plan review and refinement
  • Introductions to web developers, marketing/branding specialists, financial and business advisors, and accountants
  • Introductions to angel, venture capital, private equity and public venture capital investors and investment dealers
  • Assistance with obtaining access to government financial grants and the completion of angel, venture and other private company financings

Through our Tech Startup Accelerator, we provide startups with the following two-staged program:

Stage One – Due Diligence (30 Day Period)

The first stage of our program is designed to help a startup research the strength of its potential business offering. We will work with a startup to help get the information and answers it needs to move forward with its business plan. In doing so, our Due Diligence stage will provide a startup with:

  • Our participation in meetings and conference calls to:

      • address pertinent legal issues relating and applicable to the business offering
      • provide advice on business formation, structuring and organization


  • Access to template non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements to protect the proprietary aspects of the business offering
  • The incorporation and organization of the business
  • Introductions and access to business, financial, tax, marketing/branding, banking and accounting advisors, patent agents and web developers

Upon completion of the Due Diligence stage, it is our goal to have provided a startup with the requisite tools needed to either: (i) move forward towards launching its business, or (ii) re-think the business plan and/or business prospects in its current form.

Stage Two – Business Development and Execution (12 months)

The second stage of our program is designed to help a startup launch its product or service and execute on its business plan. In doing so, we will endeavor to provide a startup with the following service offerings:

  • Legal document review and drafting including, but not limited to:

      • non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
      • non-competition agreements
      • term sheets and letters of intent
      • employment, independent contractor and consulting agreements
      • leases and supplier contracts
      • private placement documentation
      • share and asset purchase agreements
      • license and distribution agreements
      • shareholder and partnership agreements
      • stock options and incentive plan documents


  • Review of the company business plan and marketing materials from a legal perspective
  • Introductions to angel, venture capital, private equity and public venture capital investors and investment dealers
  • Completion of angel, venture capital and other forms of private company financing.

We provide startups with a number of different payment options based upon its specific legal and business needs. Through our Tech Startup Accelerator we will work with a startup to consider and arrive at any one of the following payment arrangements or combinations thereof:


  • A-La-Carte – A-la-carte rates for legal documents required on an “as needed” basis.
  • Flat Fee Hourly Rates – The opportunity to “pre-pay” for a certain number of discounted hours of service per month. Hourly rate packages vary on the number of hours needed each month.
  • Unlimited Service – An “all-you-can-eat” billing arrangement whereby a startup gains unlimited access to our platform for a single monthly fee.
  • Payment in Equity – Depending upon the circumstances, payment for legal services in exchange for equity in a startup may be agreeable. While never mandated, we are open to working out an arrangement that works best for a startup facing severe cash constraints.

Simply contact us and we can determine which payment structure is best suited for your business.


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If you are an entrepreneur considering launching a startup or are the operator of an existing startup looking to execute upon your business plan, you may be eligible to join our Tech Startup Accelerator. Contact us now for more details.

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